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Publications & References


[ 1 ] Nakajima T, Umeyama M (2007)," A Proposal for a Floating Urban Communities in the Man-made Inlets," Proc. Int. Symp. Sustainable Urban Environ. (ISSUE2007), Grad. School of Urban Environ. Sc., Tokyo Metropolitan Univ., pp. 27-33. PDF

[ 2 ] Nakajima T, Umeyama M (2009)," Floating Cities as a Solution to the Escalating Sea Level Rise in Lower-Lying Land Areas," Proc. Regional Conf. Environ. & Earth Resources, Malaysia, Dec. 7-8, pp. 261-269.

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[ 5 ] Nakajima T, Sugimoto H, Kawagishi U, Umeyama M (2012)," A concept for Water-based Community to Sea Level Rise in the Lower-lying Land Areas - Toward reconstruction of coastline area in disaster-stricken northeast Japan," Oceans 2012 MTS/IEEE Int.Symp., Hampton Road, Virginia, Oct. 15-18

[ 6 ] Nakajima T, Umeyama M (2013), "Water City As Solution To Escalating Sea Level Rise In Lower-lying Land Areas," Oceans 2013 MTS/IEEE Int.Symp.,San Diego, California, Sept. 23-26

[ 7 ]C,Pomeroy(2011), "Looking to Regain the Coastal Area in Northeast Japan," Oct.2011, The Japan Journal, Vol. 8, No. 7, pp. 26-29.

[ 8 ] Nakajima, T.; Umeyama, M. (2015), "A new concept for the safety of low-lying land areas from natural disasters." Journal of Ocean Engineering and Marine Energy, 1(1), pp 19-29.

[ 9 ] Nakajima, T.; Umeyama, M. (2015), "Novel Solution for Lower-lying Land Areas Safe from Natural Disasters - Toward Reconstruction of Lost Coastal Areas in Northeast Japan -." Journal of Marine Science and Engineering, ISSN 2077-13121(1), pp 520-538.

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