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Q Is the floating foundation unstable to live on ?

A Within the reservoir, the floating foundation is quite stable since there is no wave and current like on the open sea. In particular, a floating body like the barge type one is very stable against strong winds because of a larger water plane area.

Q What happens when a tsunami hits the floating foundation ?

A When a tsunami approaches the coastal area, the sea surface is lifted with the horizontal current. Then the floating foundation is lifted also by buoyancy and never sinks in the reservoir. The floating foundation is supported by several tall piles in order to prevent drifting. Also the horizontal tsunami force on the floating foundation is not too large since the tsunami passes underneath of floating foundation.

Q What to do when the floating foundation becomes inclined ?

A Adjustment is carried out automatically by altering the volume of water in each ballast tank to be found under different locations of the floating foundation.

Q What to do when all water inside the reservoir is gone ?

A The floating foundation remains in the same spot thanks to the vertical support underneath the piles.

Q How about soil liquidation at the bottom of the reservoir?

A There is no need to worry about it since the floating foundation does not rest directly on the bottom of the reservoir. In general, soil liquidation occurs only for the upper layer of several meters, near the ground surface.

Q Does the water quality worsen gradually inside the reservoir ?

A Basically, the water inside the reservoir is to be circulated by water mills and/or a waterspout to maintain the good quality of water. Wonderful landscape monuments also can be expected. Their power needs are fulfilled from the natural energy sources of sun, the wind and so on.

Q Where do life lines such as water and electric supplies on the foundation come from ?

AFundamentally, the water pipes and electric cables are connected with those of regular city services. In addition, a large amount of water inside the reservoir can be also used for every day life. Particularly, when a serious disaster such as a big earthquake and/or fire occurs, then the water inside the reservoir becomes extremely useful for refugees.

Q How about corrosion of the steel structures used for the floating foundation ?

A Like ships, the floating foundation should be painted once in a dozen years to avoid corrosion of the floating foundation. In this case, the water that surrounds the floating foundation is to be pumped up, first. Then it is easy to paint the bottom of the floating foundation since the floating foundation is kept in the air by using several supporting vertical piles.

Q Are there past cases of a huge floating platform being built ?

A The Mega-Float Project was carried out during 1995 and 2000 in Japan. A huge floating platform 1,000 meters in length had been constructed by connecting many small pieces of modular units on the sea surface in Tokyo Bay. The research results had clarified that the huge floating platform was extremely useful and practical for civil purposes such as the floating city of the future.

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