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Various Aspects

In this website, we have so far presented various projects as specific solutions for serious global environmental issues and the future of humankind. However, we do not think our design may not be the best answer although we believe our projects here are practicable and our solutions must be developed step-by-step hereafter. We do hope that our website will stimulate ideas in many young people and another good design the improvement may follow after this website is opened.

In general, proposals and/or projects must be clarified using various kinds of feasibility studies and technological investigations, this as to confirm the reliability and superiority of the new concept in comparison to the conventional one. Therefore, we have carried out several feasibility studies on our projects for assurances concerning soft-landed water city. In this section, we then introduce some of feasibility studies which we had carried out for our projects in detail. Although we also believe that our feasibility studies had been carried out in order to confirm such views, we consider that our feasibility studies are not enough. Further, more feasibility studies have to be carried out in the near future.

The following important key issues were evaluated in this section for the possibility of realizing a future water city.

  1. Safety against dangerous natural disasters as well as structural safety
  2. Amenity and comfort for residents with scenery landscape
  3. Coping with global and local environmental sensibilities in ecological system
  4. Reasonable financial plan due to market principle and economic feasibility
  5. Flexibility and capability for making timely changes toward society needs in the future
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