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Review of Our Activities

Our time-domain activities are listed as follows;

  • October 2020 The paper "A Study on Stability of Floating Architecture and Its Design Methodology" presented at an international confab (monikered "Paving Waves") on utilization of waterborne structures held in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
  • January 2020
    Draft ideas provided the organizers of the world exposition Osaka-Kansai Japan Expo 2025, in conjunction with Chodai Co., Ltd.
  • December 2019
    Waterfront Real Estate inks a Memorandum of Understanding with Chodai Co., Ltd.
  • June 2019
    Waterfront Real Estate becomes a Corporate Member of "The Society of Floating Solutions, Singapore (SFSS)".
  • April 2019
    After incorporation, we have cooperated with the WCFS '19 International Conference held in Singapore as one of the Gold Sponsor companies. More recently we have been expanding our activities such as inking a deal with the Japanese firm Chodai Co., Ltd. and signing a joint research agreement with the University of Tokyo. The paper "An Integrated Floating Community based upon a Hybrid Water System: Toward a Super-sustainable Water City" presented at WCFS’19.

    Conference Room at the WCFS’19 in Singapore

  • November 2018
    Launched "Waterpolitan Initiative (WpI)" effort within Waterfront Real Estate
  • December 2018
    Introduced the Waterborne City Concept content by siting our own event booth at Oslo "Future City Expo '18" exhibition held in the namesake venue of Norway

    Our Exhibition Booth at the ”Future City Expo’18”

    Meanwhile, in November of 2018, WRE launched the ”Waterpolitan Initiative (WpI)” to partake in more related activities. In December of the same year, WpI conducted an inaugural publicity activity focused on "Realizing a Sustainable Waterborne City" by setting up its own booth at the ”Future City Expo’18” international exhibition that took place in an Oslo, Norway suburb.

  • November 2018
    Launched "Waterpolitan Initiative (WpI)" effort within Waterfront Real Estate
  • November 2018
    A TV documentary program prepared by the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) of the United States, which centered upon our Waterborne City Concept for Tokyo's Koto Ward, aired globally

    Video of the“Sinking Cities” (DVD)

  • August 2017
    Waterfront Real Estate <Toshio Nakajima,CEO> -- a Japan-based corporation -- was established in August of 2017. As the name implies, our company aims to provide water-area/waterfront and oceanfront real estate conceptualization, design, planning plus consulting services as well as other related activities.
  • August 2017
    Invited talk on "Utilization of Mega-float type platforms for civil purpose" given at National University of Singapore (NUS) CORE Symposium
  • April 2016
    Paper selected by SpringerNature as the must-read papers published in 2015 to save the world
  • 2015
    The paper "Novel Solution for Lower-lying Land Areas Safe from Natural Disasters -- Toward Reconstruction of Lost Coastal Areas in Northeast Japan" for the international journal J. Mar. Sci. Eng. 2015 2077-1312 published.
  • 2015
    The paper "A New Concept for Lower-lying Land Areas Safe from Natural Disasters" for SpringerNature's international journal published

    Comment of SpringerNature for Our Published Paper

  • September 2013
    "Tokyo Koto Ward Waterborne City Planning Concept" presented in detail at Oceans'13 held in San Diego, California
  • October 2012
    "Waterborne City Concept" as applied to recovery for Kesennuma which was stricken by March 11th, 2011 disaster in collaboration with Nihon University Professor Kawagishi's lab presented at Oceans'12 held in Hampton Road, Virginia
  • September 2011
    "Waterborne City Concept" as applied to recovery for March 11th, 2011 tsunami-devastated Arahama in Sendai presented at Oceans'11 held in Kona, Hawaii
  • October 2010
    "Tokyo Koto Ward Waterborne City" presented at Techno-Ocean international confab held in Kobe
  • 2008
    Research on "Tokyo Koto Ward Waterborne City Planning" conducted based on funding from Tokyo Metropolitan University's Liaison Office
  • November 2007
    First unveiling of the "Waterborne City" paper at the International Symposium on Sustainable Urban Environment (ISSUE2007), held under the auspice of Graduate School of Urban Environmental Science, Tokyo Metropolitan University with support from Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.
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