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World Conference of Floating Solutions “WCFS’2023 Japan” was ended successfully!

In recent years, the safety and security of people's lives around the world has been threatened by frequent floods and rising sea levels attributable to the global warming. The COP 26 has set a common global goal of limiting the temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. It is an urgent task to cope with the global warming as well as to utilize decarbonized and renewable energy. The UN is promoting the SDGs which aim to achieve 17 Goals between 2015 and 2030. However, efforts to reach the Goals will not end in 2030, but will be an ongoing challenge for humanity beyond 2030. Here, we tentatively call the Goals to be achieved after the SDGs as “Next SDGs”. WCFS2023 Japan aims to pioneer the SDGs and Next SDGs by making the most use of ocean and water. Ocean and water have the potential to provide solutions to the disasters such as flooding and sea level rise due to climate change. In this context, WCFS2023 Japan will position ocean and water as the urban infrastructure and will explore new technology and feasible solutions. In particular, it is necessary to consider urban planning, marine architecture, port planning connecting land and sea, disaster prevention, renewable energy and food production on the sea and water. Further, it is indispensable that knowledge, experience, dream and strong desire to realize these challenges are supported by a diversity of people.For your more details of this international conference, please open the “Our Activities” and the “Reports of Activities” in this website.

Table of Topic

Topics Description
Urban Planning Sustainable urban Planning, Floating City, Marine City,
Waterfront Development, Landscape
Architecture Marine Architecture、Floating Architecture, Coastal Planning
Climate Change Sea Level Rise, Flood, Ice Sheet, Disaster Risk and Adaptation,
Tsunami, Global Warming
Low Carbon Energy Wave Power, OTEC, Offshore Wind, Solar Power on Ocean,
Tide/Current Power, Hydrogen, Nuclear Energy,
Algae Biofuel, Green Hydrogen Energy
Technology / Innovation Floating Structure, Ocean Engineering,
Construction Management System,
Autonomous Technologies, Digital Twins
Food Marine Agriculture, Seaweed Farming, Aquacultural Engineering
Others Marine Space Planning, Marine Resources, Marine Industry,
Ocean Development, Social Impact, Marine Economy,
Marine Ecology and Environment, Regulatory Frameworks,
Marine Policy, Marine System,
Other Relevant Subjects
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