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Subject & Problem

In order to establish a sustainable society, many countries have initiated strategies and regulations to reduce greenhouse gas emission in recent years. However, it seems almost impossible to halt the rising sea level brought about by global warming and the consequent speed of land disappearing under the sea. In fact, it appears that this phenomenon will accelerate further in the future. Moreover, there are many who believe storm surges, abnormally high waves and localized heavy rain caused by powerful typhoons that continue to intensify in strength under the influence of global warming, will strike several cities throughout the world and bring about devastating flood damages. In 2013, a huge typhoon hit the Leyte islands in the Philippines and an unprecedented storm surge (more than 6 m) caused tremendous damage. The situation is made even worse by the serious danger facing many cities where large urban areas are below the high water level ("zero-meter area"). These are mostly located near a river and/or the sea.

Even if the global environment improves in the future as a result of regulations against greenhouse gas and other effects, it does not necessarily follow that there will be a reduction in the frequency of worldwide disasters. Meanwhile, we have also learned that it is impossible to avoid such extraordinary natural power by using any type of civil engineering structure. Thus, the work must be begun immediately to construct social infrastructures capable of withstanding any global climate change to avert disasters. It can be assumed that if nothing is done, the residents of cities with zero-meter areas will suffer substantial damage and consequent economic loss as a result of localized heavy rain and the subsequent overflow of rivers. Therefore, we urge that effective solutions that will minimize the damage from natural disasters be devised and implemented as soon as possible.

We have since then proposed a revolutionary concept for establishing innovative urban community with self-reliance in times of disasters bases in lower-lying lands. The living space is based upon floating foundations riding on the water in man-made inlets and/or lagoons in order to realize a sustainable city environment which ensures safety and amenity for a prosperous future. The establishment of secure bases put forward to counter the risks arising from natural disasters: e.g. flooding due to storm surges caused by typhoons, tsunamis and earthquakes.

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